Trailblazing Energy Superhero© (Affinity Group Award)

The Trailblazing Energy Superhero award spotlights affinity groups that help younger professionals through mentorship, outreach program(s) or other sustainable events. Tell us how your affinity group is leading the way to inspiring the next Generation of Energy Superheroes.



  • The outreach program is unique and/or has had a significant impact;
  • The program has been implemented and has been received in a positive manner;
  • The program was initiated and conducted by members of affinity group
  • The program demonstrates a commitment to employee volunteerism and community service.

One affinity group will be selected and will receive the following:

  • 1 case of books (40) for giving/donation with a cover letter featuring their award, logo and work
  • 1 podcast on the Voices of Energy