With the push to a sustainable future and an energy literate population, ALLY is excited to announce a new award, the GRITTY Girl Award. This award recognizes a girl who has GRIT and is building our energy future through her enthusiasm and involvement in an on-going campaign or one-time energy project. This award wants to showcase the emerging energy superheroes© working to power our planet.  


  • Age 21 or under
  • Demonstrated interested in energy, the environment, conservation, sustainability (e.g., participation in, founding of clubs related to topics). 
  • A commitment toward energy, the environment, conservation, sustainability 
  • Interest is put into action with ongoing campaign or one-time project (of age/grade appropriate scale) that showcases their interest and dedication on energy, the environment, conservation, sustainability 

One girl will be selected and the winner will receive the following: 

  • A case of Women in Energy books (40) for giving/donation to former K-12 school she attended. 

  • Invitation to be on the Voices of Energy Podcast

  • Invitation to the VIP Book Launch Party