The only requirement when nominating someone is that he or she must be in the energy sector (corporate, entrepreneur, student or even someone unemployed) and accomplishing specific things that embody GRIT (growth, resilience, innovation/new ways of working, inclusion, and talent).

The Individual Professional GRIT Award may go to any person who has demonstrated growth, resilience, innovation and talent in the workplace in a leadership, technical, or any other type of industry role. They have accepted challenges, learned from them, and developed new and creative ways to solve problems. They show up each day, do their best, and inspire others to do the same.

Executive: There’s no question about it, data has proven that diversity and inclusion start at the top. If leadership does not value D&I, then it’s impossible to build a corporate culture that does. Fortunately, there are executives who have made D&I a priority at their companies and it is time to recognize them. This award goes to those executives who empower and inspire those that they lead.

Entrepreneur: Our industry was started by entrepreneurs – wildcatters and mavericks who risked their lives to build something for future generations. Although many of these companies have grown into large corporations, the entrepreneurial spirit is still alive and well in our industry. mo

ALLY: An ally is a force for good who actively works to create a more inclusive culture. In our eyes, an ally is a person who not only believes in cultivating more diversity and equity in the workplace, but actually goes about the business of making that belief into a reality.

Climate & Sustainability Champion: As we move toward the energy transition, Climate & Sustainability Champions are needed more than ever. For this award, we're looking to recognize a passionate trailblazer who cares deeply about protecting the planet and creating a better future for all. 

Gritty Girl: With the push to a sustainable future and an energy literate population, ALLY is excited to announce a new award, the GRITTY Girl Award. This award recognizes a girl who has GRIT and is building our energy future through her enthusiasm and involvement in an on-going campaign or one-time energy project. This award wants to showcase the emerging energy superheroes© working to power our planet, and is open to girls 21 and under.